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Why?  Because the two most important words in the English language are “Thank You”. This is true for business success, for social pleasure, even for self-actualization.

For business success, a thank you tells a prospect or partner that you are appreciative of what she has just done and that you are happy with them. It shows you have a genuine interest in that person and the business relationship.

For social interaction, expressing gratitude is equally important to show how you value the other person and the social relationship you have with him. Thank you is a bonding phrase.

But giving thanks is most important on a personal level for our own pursuit of happiness. This is true for anybody who has ever lived, but it is even truer for us today.

A Happy Thanksgiving of Gratitude

Consider how much we have. More than any of our ancestors, we live in the Land of Plenty. We have more than anybody who has lived at any time before. And for those of us who live in the developed world, we have more than most people on our little planet have even today.

But we have so much more than just ‘stuff’. Consider the following:

FREEDOM AND CHOICE: More of the world lives in a democracy than ever before, and democracy is becoming more open or “democratic” with every year (perhaps in part due to the Internet).

OPPORTUNITIES: With freedom and affluence comes opportunity. We have more opportunity to make money, to earn it the way we wish, to choose our careers, our location, even our lifestyle.

KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? With freedom, comes the ability to satisfy our curiosity: knowledge. And with knowledge comes a thirst for freedom. Let’s face it; the idea of “the ignorant masses” has become an anachronism. Even the dumbest among us has more knowledge than most people who lived a couple centuries ago.

HEALTH: Just surviving past childhood used to be a major success. Now we expect to live comfortably into our 80s or 90s. And we expect – no, we demand – to have exceptional health care all along the way (even those who are afraid to go to the doctor!).

Make every day Thanksgiving Day in 2009

Well, follow this train of thought. Whatever you have, you can either appreciate or not. If you appreciate it — I mean really notice that you have it, that it is good, that you feel good about having it — it will bring you happiness. However, if you get used to it, take it for granted, and focus on things you don’t have, what you do have just won’t bring you happiness.

Appreciation is the key to happiness. And daily appreciation is the key to daily happiness. Whatever you truly and proactively appreciate, whether “stuff” or education or a vacation, will bring you joy. But in this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog, over-stimulated society, how can we appreciate anything?

Sadly, many of us who have the most to be grateful for express gratitude the least and feel the least appreciation. It seems the more we have, the more we want. The more we want, the less we appreciate what we have. The less we appreciate, the less value there is to having anything, which may explain why we want more.

We who are drowning in luxuries and hold the world in our hands can’t seem to find the time to appreciate what we have … but we still make time to whine and complain. We still find things, however petty, to feed our negative thinking. How can we learn to appreciate our abundance and live a happy life?

The secret to feeling the appreciation we often overlook is in expressing our gratitude vocally or in writing. How can we possibly fail to appreciate something when we say “Thank you” for it and focus our attention on the appreciation?

Christmas is important. Easter is important. But for our own personal happiness, there is nothing like a truly heartfelt Thanksgiving.


By – David Leonhardt author of a self-help happiness book










The Powershot G10 is the latest version of Canon’s most capable, serious and expensive compact camera. The G10 has a wealth of features that will appeal to the DSLR owner looking for a backup compact, or the enthusiast who wants DSLR functionality without the added bulk.



At first glance the Canon G10 looks very similar to its popular predecessor, the G9, but as with that model, there are a number of key external and internal changes underneath the serious matt black exterior. 14.7 Megapixel CCD sensor.

Features at a glance : –

  • 5x wide-angle (28mm) optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
  • RAW image recording plus support for Canon Digital Photo Professional
  • DIGIC 4 for clear, sharp images, high-speed AF (including Servo AF) and fast response times
  • Targets all the main causes of blur with High ISO Auto, optical Image Stabilizer, Motion Detection   Technology and Auto ISO shift
  • Great people shots with improved Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB plus
    Face Select & Track and FaceSelf-Timer
  • 3.0” PureColor LCD II (461k dots resolution) with wide viewing angle and optical viewfinder
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  • Dedicated Exposure Compensation and ISO dials
  • 26 shooting modes with manual control and custom settings
  • Accessories include tele-converter, Speedlite flashes and waterproof case
  • Smooth, 30fps VGA movies
  • For more on-line information, visit  : www.canon-europe.com  or www.dpreview.com

    Photography is a very powerful medium. IMAGINE a WORLD without Pictures !
    Excellent photos don’t only display some facts — they tell stories, awake feelings and manage to share with the audience the emotions a photographer experienced when clicking the shot button. That’s should be our goal & pursue !
    To attain result , you need to find a perfect perspective and consider the perfect timing. Achieving brilliant photography needs practice and patience. However, it is worth it : the results can be truly stunning.Today ! If Black & White photographs are brought before you , you will most probably be tempted to ask ” Why Black & White when I can get colour ? “Beautiful black and white photography doesn’t attract with its play of colors. Here close attention to composition, lighting, perspective and the context it is shot in are important.  So, let’s CHANGE our perspective of view, & explore the beautiful world in Black & White !

    In this Hari Raya Holiday Season, the family requested to eat out for lunch @ Gurney Plaza.  Set a simple goal to explore photography in B&W.  Enjoy my favourite shots of the day !




    Gurney Plaza, Penang.


    After a good lunch @ Foodloft, time for window shopping !
    Met some friends @ Gurney Plaza.
    Visit to the Musical Instrument Shops @ Level 3 GURNEY PLAZA
    Visited an Electrical Appliance Shop @ Level 3 Gurney Plaza.
    Visited Cold Storage for flour to make waffle tonight !







    To all our Muslim friends & associates, wishing all of you “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”.

    Bowling Challenge !

    Examination fever is finally over & the kids made a request for bowling ! Time to let go & so good for them unwind ! Took them to the bowling centre at One Stop Midlands !

    Seize this opportunity to capture memory photos of them in action !

    Eagerly waiting for the lift to 7th Floor.

    Enjoying the view from top.

    Relax ! cool & calm

    Going for strike !

    The surprise “ACT” – ball throwing & not bowling ( out of frustration, maybe )

    aim & bowl….